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Saturday, January 24, 2015


I had the incredible opportunity to photograph Charley and Steven on MLK Day in Zion National Park. We spent the afternoon ascending the Angel's Landing hike, finding little spots to take pictures, climbing all the way to the amazing lookout on the top. They looked amazingly put together for having hiked uphill 5 miles. ;) It was Charley and I's first time doing the hike. Steven was experienced and coached us through. :) The last time I'd been to Zion was a couple years ago with my fam, but I had grown up going every year with the youth group. I love the comradery hikers have with each other. While clinging to chains and watching your foot placement, hikers coming down encourage -- "You're almost there! It will be worth it!" And worth it it was.

People were also so cute and kind while we were photographing, waiting for me to get the shot, saying their congratulations as they passed by, and commenting on how crazy adventurous and cool it was that Charley and Steven were doing their engagements on the top of a mountain! Cool points x100.

The views were incredible, the colors splendid, the lighting amazing, the couple perfect. :) I loved hearing stories of their favorite dates, crazy coincidences, and future plans. Their wedding date is July 4th and I cannot wait to see these two get married! I love their love for God and for each other. They both love the Lord and put Him first, and you can see that in their relationship. It was a joy to photograph you too! Thanks for having me along. :)

Friday, January 23, 2015


I have to tell you all about something exciting, The School Sessions, a project by Jamie Delaine Watson and her husband, Randy. In a nutshell, Jamie and Randy are passionate about giving back to those in need, in this case a school in Haiti. If you are a photographer or someone looking for a photographer, please consider jumping on board for this event. Find a way to give and get involved. I think it is a really great project.

I have been consistently blog stalking Jamie since I was a freshman in high school. I was so in love with her photographs, her writing, her personality, her love for God, and her high ambitions. I am basically a fan girl, haha. It has been really neat to watch her grow and change and get married and just be herself. She seems so genuine and I was so excited when I found out about this idea. $200,000, one day, hundreds of photographers. Let's do this!

Friday, December 26, 2014


hello! i have not blogged in quite a long time. i'm aspiring to fix this...especially of my travels to ukraine (twice) and china. i by no means stopped photographing things, people, or places in my blogger absence and i cannot wait to share with you all the wonderful adventures filled with incredible people that i have had.

joanie and david are no new acquaintances, and it was a pleasure to spend time with them and photograph them as they neared their first anniversary together. they have a very sweet relationship and i loved capturing them together. :) thank you for asking me to capture your photos you too!